Hauraki breakfast team follow in successful stations’ footsteps, APN gets in on the cross-promotion action

Radio Hauraki has fully embraced its 13th most-listened to breakfast show tag in recent months, with Jeremy Wells’ brilliant ‘Like Mike‘ section being born out of a desire to replicate Mike Hosking’s morning success and a new online video series showing the team heeding memos from on high and doing a few things guaranteed to move them up the rankings, such as using t-shirt cannons and adding some sexual tension to the mix. And, as per usual, they’ve done it in slightly unusual, self-deprecating and moderately NSFW fashion. 

The videos were made in-house and Radio Hauraki has also released a short TVC showing a few of its other well-known hosts.

Radio has always been a fairly social medium. And many of the country’s radio brands have big social followings. But as the media boundaries continue to blur, it’s becoming a much more visual medium, with a focus on additional online video content. The Hauraki presenters are no strangers to other forms of media, with Wells starring in the Late Night Big Breakfast (and still spruiking Meridian), Laura McGoldrick hosting cricket and golf shows and Heath originally making his name on Back on the Y. And APN, which owns TRN, is tapping in to that and following more closely in the footsteps of MediaWorks with more cross-promotion like Heath’s regular (and very funny) iconoclastic column for the Herald and the Decision 14 video series on nzherald.co.nz, where Heath and Wells interview the likes of Mike Hosking and Rachel Smalley from “inside the giant replica of Barry Soper’s bowtie attached to the Beehive”.

Given APN’s assets, ads for TRN stations aren’t that common on TV, whereas MediaWorks regularly cross-promotes its radio stations, with the most recent spot being some shape-cutting from the breakfast hosts of Mai FM. 

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