Great Odin’s raven! The Almighty Johnsons takes the ratings baton

A trouble-making family from West Auckland with a penchant for dodgy dealings, swearing, booze and shagging is a solid premise for a TV show. And Outrageous Fortune certainly delivered the goods for TV3 during its six year run. A family with supernatural powers who are descended from Norse Gods is a slightly stranger concept. But that’s what TV3’s new local drama The Almighty Johnsons is all about and, while it will undoubtedly be difficult to fill the entertaining boganic void left by the departure of the Wests, ratings for the first episode of the replacement were promising.

In the 18-49 demographic, The Almighty Johnsons won a 32.2 percent share and in TV3’s new playground of the 25-54 demographic it won a 29.5 percent share, beating Castle and Brothers & Sisters on TV1 and TV2 respectively.

As a point of comparison, Outrageous Fortune’s final episode took a 51.5 percent share in 18-49 demographic and a 48.3 percent share in the 25-54 demographic, although that was by far the biggest audience and the eyeballs went up steadily with each season, as this ratings graph shows.

So far, the reviews of the show have been mostly positive (see here and here and here). And, given it’s written by James Griffin and Rachel Lang, the duo behind Outrageous Fortune, it’s no surprise that there appear to be a few similarities between the two shows.

“These strong launch figures prove what we at TV3 knew, that New Zealand is ready to welcome a new Kiwi family into their homes,” says Kelly Martin, 3’s director of programming. “We are delighted with these results and proud to be offering Kiwi audiences such a fantastic local drama.”

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