Grab life by the balls

The classic, reasonably disturbing ad for Neat 3B Action Cream is a brilliant example of the power of anthropomorphism and it’s a firm favourite in the StopPress offices (second only to Auckland Glass). And Bonds has added to that body of work with its latest effort featuring two talking testicles.   

Created by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, the clip starts off by showing the ongoing battle between brain and balls and then tries to show what it’s like for the boys to be squashed inside a pair of old, ill-fitting gruts and dealing with heat, cold and impact. And it concludes by showing how their life is improved with a fresh pair of Bonds. 

As Bonds said in a release: “Talking about men’s undies isn’t the most natural topic at the pub, so Bonds have decided to make the conversation about something closer to men’s hearts: their balls. In a psychological masterstroke, they are hitting men in the proverbials to help them realise the impact a poorly fitting pair of undies is having on their crown jewels.” 

More online films will be released in the coming weeks. 

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