Got a question for Mi9’s programmatic manager, Jon Devereux? Now’s your chance

StopPress is opening up a Q&A session with Jon Devereux from Mi9. With over ten years of experience across programmatic operations in New Zealand’s largest companies, Devereux is now offering tailored advice for any digital ad or programmatic buying questions you might have. 

Jon Devereux, now the programmatic manager for Mi9, has experience across a range of different organisations, including looking after the programmatic operations for Trade Me, NZME, Stuff, Mediaworks and TVNZ (through KPEX) and is currently looking after Microsoft and Viacom properties for New Zealand.

Jon Devereux

Having worked across both the buying and selling side of his profession, Devereux has had an exclusive opportunity to view the NZ market from a top down perspective, seeing different successes and failures from the buyside as well as the development of the technology that drives programmatic on the backend.

So what topics can Devereux help you with?

  • Any questions around marketing trends post-Covid-19
  • Impartial buying strategies for SME’s
  • Changes to cookies and publisher data
  • Upcoming tech changes like the IAB sellers.json initiative
  • Open RTB spec
  • API’s and backend data integrations for business intelligence as well as any questions about MSN
  • Making the most of social media spend
  • Outlook and Viacom ad inventory
  • Anything about ad tech or the digital ad space

Questions will be accepted through email or comments below.

To email your question please send it through to [email protected].

Questions sent through will be answered by Devereux and represented as a Q&A feature on StopPress, May 15.

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