BC&F Denstu and Tegel show the sexy side of not having to cook

It’s hot, it’s sexy, it’s a piece of meat, literally. Tegel and BC&F Denstu have shown the steamy option available to people that are well and truly over cooking.

Nothing beats a dinner of a buttered white bread roll and bagged roast chicken, and I will argue anyone on that. Mix that with the bore of having figure out what to cook seven days a week and Tegel have got this in the bag, literally.

“When you think about it, Hot Cooked Chicken is the original food bag solution. So we just kept the approach simple and relevant to get on the shopping list.” Says BC&F managing partner Luke Farmer.

A targeted digital campaign ensured that Tegel’s Hot Cooked Chicken was on the shopping list of our target audience during Level 4 giving them that much needed night off.


Client: Tegel

Creative: BC&F Dentsu

Media: BC&F Dentsu

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