Google, Facebook, Microsoft: Ipsos names the most influential brands in New Zealand

Ipsos has released the results of its ‘Most Influential Brands in New Zealand’ study and technology brands lead the pack, with Google, Facebook and Microsoft taking the top three spots respectively, alongside four local brands.

About the great presence of technology brands on the list, senior client director at Ipsos New Zealand Winifred Henderson says: “Technology enables companies to connect with people, and connected brands are influential brands. Technology brands are also incredibly good at transcending traditional category boundaries, which means they play a role in a multitude of areas in our lives.”

Sitting alongside global technology brands are four local brands, Air New Zealand (fifth), The Warehouse (seventh), Trade Me (eighth) and Pak’nSave (tenth).

The Most Influential Brands Study polled 1,000 New Zealanders to look at the key drivers that define influence and the five complimentary factors that impact influence: leading edge, engagement, trustworthy, citizenship and presence. It measured 100 brands in New Zealand and ranked them based on their level of influence.

“Our study measures and ranks today’s most influential brands, why they are leading, how they impact us and what makes them influential,” says Henderson. “Visionary brands are founded on a sense of purpose that establishes stronger emotional connections. New technologies have enabled ways to capture consumer feedback, and brands that use this data are more relevant than ever before – their influence cannot be overstated. Our study reveals insights that apply to any business, large or small.”

Highlights from the top 10

1. Google: From search to household hardware
Google is the most influential brand for the fourth year in a row – in New Zealand, across the globe, amongst all generational groups. Google continues to lead in Innovation, Originality and Reliability. 

2. Facebook: Established as a part of our everyday life and language
Over the past four years in this study, we have seen Facebook’s presence and strength grow amongst all generations. As Facebook continues to launch new services and lead initiatives into new technologies, its influence goes from strength to strength. 

3. Microsoft: Unwavering importance in our lives
Microsoft has maintained its strong position in this study over the last four years. Microsoft has influence as it continues to be a brand that is really important in our lives.

4. YouTube: The case study in how to create emotional engagement
New Zealanders have told us in this study that YouTube is influential because it has made our lives more interesting. It has increasingly become the go-to place, not only for light-hearted relief from everyday life stresses but also a source of up-to-date relevant information. 

5. Air New Zealand: The brand that Kiwis love to call their own
The most influential New Zealand brand, Air New Zealand scores well on most factors but exceptionally well for ‘inspiring a sense of New Zealand pride’ – something technology brands are yet to match.

6. Samsung: Upsetting the Apple cart
Leapfrogging Apple into the top 10 this year, Samsung may not have the cachet of Apple but does have many more users, and greater influence as a result. 

7. The Warehouse: Increasingly online
Like Pak’nSave, the Warehouse earns influence through being a trusted, regularly used brand, but has improved its influence ranking through growing its online presence. 

8. Trade Me: Always innovating
Trade Me certainly changed the consumer landscape in New Zealand but it is not resting there, still ranking highly for innovation. 

9. Apple: What will Apple introduce next?
For the fourth year in a row, Apple leads as the trendsetter brand. Apple leads all other brands in the Top 100 on the dimension of Leading Edge. New Zealanders just can’t wait to hear what Apple will do next. 

10. Pak’nSave: Trusted and always there
While the weekly supermarket shop can be tedious for some, Pak’nSave remains in the top 10 for understanding customer needs and being a strong part of New Zealanders’ lives.

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