Nigella Lawson hosts a houseful of celebrity guests to celebrate the new Whittaker’s range

Whittaker’s has unveiled a new Destinations range in a star-studded video featuring Nigella Lawson and comedians turned chocolate enthusiasts Stephen Fry, Joanna Lumley and Bill Bailey.

Filmed over one day in London, the video shoes Lawson opening a package of the new Destinations range. But before she gets much of a taste for herself, Fry, Lumley and Bailey pop in and appear to devour it.

Lumley is so fond of it, she licks the wrapper clean of any traces of chocolate while Bailey explains through a mouthful of what’s likely to be the Caramelised Pecans, Waffle and Canadian Maple Syrup flavour: “It’s like a waffle in your mouth.”

There’s also a Nicaraguan Heirloom Dark Chocolate, Italian Piedmont Hazelnut, and Indian Cardamom and Italian Apricots.

Nigella Lawson has become a familiar face in Whittaker’s, with her sultry tone proving useful to promote the brand’s Artisan chocolate range in two campaigns by Assignment Group.

It’s a partnership that’s lasted through a number of scandals, but it’s been worthwhile as SSI research published in the 2017 Agency Issue of NZ Marketing magazine, showed Lawson to be the second most recognised brand ambassador in a survey of 14 ambassadors.

When asked who ambassador was for a number of brands, 57 percent of respondents placed Lawson alongside Whittaker’s. Those aged over 45 were the most familiar with her, with 72 percent of females and 58 percent of men in that age group identifying her as the ambassador of Whittaker’s.

The only ambassador with a better connection to an organisation was John Kirwan, whose important work for Depression.org.nz has clearly left a mark on local viewers. 

As far as bringing the names of Fry, Lumley and Bailey into this most recent campaign, senior partner at Assignment Group Philip Andrew says it simply enquired if they would be interested in working on the project and given they’d all at some stage toured New Zealand, they were aware of Whittaker’s chocolate.

He adds Bill Bailey has been a particular fan of Whittaker’s since a critic described him as “nuttier than a Peanut Slab”.

As well as the video, which will run in New Zealand only, Assignment Group is also responsible for the packaging of the new chocolate range, which has been designed to reflect the origin of the ingredients.


Creative: Assignment Group
Media: MBM

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