Whittaker’s Chocolate Kiwi returns, pledges more support to charity partnership

Whittaker’s has announced the renewal of its partnership with charity group Kiwis for kiwi, continuing its effort to save the native bird and further enhancing its locally-owned credentials. The New Zealand owned company, which has been involved with the charity group since last year, has committed to donate $80,000 from sales of its ‘Whittaker’s Chocolate Kiwi’ to the cause.  

Its donation to Kiwis for kiwi from the sales of the Whittaker’s Chocolate Kiwi last year helped to nurture and safely release 66 kiwi chicks.

Holly Whittaker, Whittaker’s marketing manager said, “We are pleased to again be supporting Kiwis for kiwi – it feels like a natural fit for Whittaker’s as a proud New Zealand company.”

“We had been talking with Kiwis for kiwi for some time, looking for the right opportunity to partner with them. The launch of our Whittaker’s Chocolate Kiwi for Easter last year provided that opportunity and we’re delighted with the results from the first year of our partnership with them – it’s really exciting to have such a clear link between our donation and the number of kiwi chicks that helps save,” said Whittaker.

Michelle Impey, executive director at Kiwis for kiwi, said: “For our programme to be successful, it is critical for Kiwis for kiwi to have the support of sponsors such as Whittaker’s.”

“It really makes a difference – last year we were able to save 66 more kiwis than we would otherwise have been able to – enabling us to get closer to reaching our goals for kiwi population growth,” says Impey

Whittaker’s, which has been a family owned and run business for 116 years, has been voted as the most trusted chocolate brand in New Zealand in the Readers Digest survey for the last few years. And it has become even more popular since the decision by Mondelez to close Cadbury’s Dunedin factory, with websites even dedicated to boycotting the chocolate company in favour of Whittaker’s. Prior to this, Whittaker’s also benefitted from a Cadbury own goal after it added palm oil and decreased the size of its blocks

The launch of the charity-driven Chocolate Kiwi comes just in time for Easter, when sales of chocolate grow by an average of 18.2 percent – equivalent to over 33,000kgs.

The brand has just over 46 different products, but will rely on the selling of the Chocolate Kiwi to help with charity donations.

The release states operation ‘Nest Egg’ has been hugely successful in growing kiwi numbers, with around 200 kiwi returned to the wild each year.

New Zealand’s chocolate market, worth $431.7 million last year, has been growing steadily over the years, with Easter eggs alone worth $31.4 million last year.

You can donate to Kiwis for Kiwi by purchasing Whittaker Chocolate Eggs or donate here.

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