Gladeye takes Antarctic trek with Air New Zealand

Gladeye has produced its most wide-ranging work for Air New Zealand with a new site that showcases the importance of scientific research in Antarctica.

Gladeye was handed the digital reins for the project, completing creative, copy, production, social media assets and advertorials to run on Yahoo!, says account director Ben Glazewski.

The site made the most of rich media content while at the same time highlighted the scientific work carried out by Marli Lopez-Hope and Michael Armstrong, the pair Air New Zealand selected to collaborate with National Geographer Jason Edwards on the trek.

“The big thing was to present it in a way that doesn’t promote Antarctica tourism. It’s about climate change and the science that’s happening there and how critical it is,” says Glazewski.

The story is a mix of National Geographic’s images and video, Lopez-Hope and Armstrong’s blogs and content about Air New Zealand and its support for scientific research in Antarctica.

Air New Zealand originally searched globally for environmental enthusiasts to share Antarctica’s story and chose two from 2000 applicants.

Gladeye has also secured global recognition for a renewed version of its own site, given a Website of the Day nod from the CSS Design Association. The organisation judges according to creativity and design, code and functionality and useability and content, with Gladeye scoring 8.1 in each area.

The site’s contact page has made very creative use of a drone to show exactly where you need to go to visit the agency

It’s the third major rework of the site, which went live in 2006, and the latest revamp took 12 months, says Glazewski. He adds Gladeye constantly evolves its site.

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