How FCB cracked briefs over the Christmas break

FCB’s creatives might have been away from their desks during the Christmas break but that doesn’t mean there were no ideas being generated. The agency created a Christmas Brief Cracker to keep up with clients’ needs.

Created by two of the agency’s young creatives, the tongue-in-cheek EDM featured a dedicated microsite that allowed clients to insert their brand name, a product or service to be sold and the audience they wanted to talk. If there was no product or service to sell, one could be generated for them.

When the information was entered, it was then put through the cracker and the mind of Peter Vegas, the agency’s creative group head, with one of 29 unique solutions coming out the other end. Included in those responses is “The Robo-Dashian”,  a low-cost version of a Kardashian to influence active-wearing avocado smashers, and “Your Bain Ambassador”, a sweater-wearing ambassador called David Bain.

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