How to Dad takes a look at Kiwi favourites for McDonald’s Kiwiburger

McDonald’s has welcomed in the new year by bringing back its Kiwiburger with the help of How To Dad’s Jordan Watson.

The fast-food chain has released a video featuring Watson giving his own take on the original, catchy Kiwiburger song by acting out and interacting with all the things listed as Kiwi favourites.

Among them is cricket, which allows Watson to show off his batting ability, however, his skiing and golfing skills are clearly not as strong as he falls over and hits grass instead of the ball.

Being a family restaurant, McDonald’s head of communications Simon Kenny says it needs to make sure the people it aligns with match its brand, adding Watson is a great fit, with his tone and humour sit well with customers.

McDonald’s first worked with Watson in November last year when they created a ‘how to take your kids to a restaurant’ video. It watches as Watson gives advice on dining out with kids, including keeping them busy with plenty of food and going through the drive-through rather than entering the restaurant.

It was during the making of ‘how to take your kids to a restaurant’ that Watson expressed his interest in recreating the Kiwiburger if it was ever to be rereleased.

“When we were talking with Jordan he mentioned an idea he had to recreate the iconic Kiwiburger commercial,” Kenny says. “Unbeknownst to Jordan, we were bringing the Kiwiburger back as part of our summer campaign, so we ended up working on two pieces of content.”

Since being shared on McDonald’s Facebook page on 3 January, the Watson’s take on the Kiwiburger song has earned over 566,000 views, 14,000 reactions and 3,000 shares, placing it among some of McDonald’s best performing social content.

With over 1.5 million followers on Facebook and 29.5 million YouTube subscribers himself, Watson’s no stranger to utilising his fan base for brands. Last year, he shared advice on how to be a fit dad for Bayer New Zealand’s Berocca Forward energy drink and told Kiwis to give a flick for a Flick Electric campaign.

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