Fake doctor discovers nationwide case of glandular fever

Winston Reid is currently New Zealand’s favourite son. And, following DDB’s recent print ad, Dr Peter Richmond from the John Street Family Health Centre is probably a close second.  

Sky is screening all 64 FIFA World Cup games but, with New Zealand’s annoying geographic location, watching all of them is likely to affect the ‘work-life balance’. So, DDB decided to help out, endorse lying, ruin the nation’s productivity and create a handy cut-out medical certificate from a fake doctor to help legitimise those dodgy excuses to the boss.

“A lot of people have other commitments that mean they might potentially miss a game. To avoid disappointment, we created an ad that helps people stay home so they’ll never miss a minute.”

Interestingly, the real Dr Peter Richmond doesn’t seem to have the required skills to diagnose glandular fever. But his previous research is quite captivating.

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