‘Fake’ craft beer brewer takes over close-to-fake billboards—UPDATED

Lion’s entry-level craft beer brand, Crafty Beggars, has launched a new ‘billboard takeover’ ad campaign.

Crafty Beggars has been criticised by other brewers and craft beer purists as being ‘faux’ craft beer, as it’s not made in a micro-brewery and sports the tagline “a craft beer you can actually drink”. 

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A video of the campaign, which was created by ad agency DDB, shows several people clad in dark clothing adding bits of cardboard to other businesses’ billboards, turning into billboards promoting Crafty Beggars beer. 

Those billboards are scattered around Auckland–six in total–as well as Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

The other businesses’ billboards, however, were placed specifically to be taken over for the campaign.

UPDATE: We originally called these billboards fake, but the businesses are real and gave their permission to be part of the campaign. But DDB created the billboards specifically so they could be taken over.   

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