Edgy Esk Valley

After 20 years of black labels, Esk Valley wines are going whiter and brighter to be more eye-catching on the shelves.

Old Esk ValleyNew Esk Valley

Old Esk Valley (left) and New Esk Valley

The Hawkes Bay winery is known for its traditionally made boutique wines, but the relaunch gives the label a contemporary appeal more fitting for the global wine market. That isn’t just any scrawly writing. Says designer Karl Burke from Sanders Design: “The flowing handwritten font is based on the handwriting of French artist Paul Cezanne and reflects the undulating lines of the iconic terraced vineyards. It’s a lovely fluid hand, which we believe has a real affinity with Esk’s hand-crafted traditional wine-making methods.”

The names have changed but the quality stays the same – Winemakers is the new name for the Reserve range and the Vineyard Selection range was formerly known as Black Label. Esk Valley are also introducing Marlborough wines to their stable – Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Riesling.

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