Driving trucks is child’s play

Some people think truck driving is child’s play nowadays with all the advanced automotive gizmos doing most of the work inside so Volvo put that to the test by giving four-year-old Sophie remote control of their Volvo FMX.

Sophie is rightly confident in her abilities to operate the truck, everyone knows driving is a cinch, it’s just “left and right, back and forward” as Sophie succinctly explains.

Spoiler alert some things are easier said than done and the FMX, which is branded by Volvo as “the toughest truck we ever built” is well and truly put through its paces by an, at times, less than attentive Sophie as she gleefully observes the truck smashing into buildings and taking an unscheduled diversion into some marshlands.

The video, put together by Volvo and their agency Forsman & Bodenfors is a revival of the live test series Volvo have been running over the past few years.

The previous iteration of this series was this rather poetic video of Jean Claude Van Damme doing the splits as two trucks diverge set to the beautiful melody, ‘Only time’ by Irish singer Enya.

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