Hunter Furniture showcases a trio of career furniture hunters

Rarely, if ever, do furniture hunters settle on the first couch they try. The process usually involves trying out option after option, until the right couch announces its presence vicariously through the satisfied sigh of the person sitting in it. And, if a new video series from Hunter Furniture is anything to go by, then this seemingly endless search is also a familiar feeling for those in the business of producing the products we purchase at furniture stores.  

Titled ‘From the world to you’, the three-part video series, shot by Christchurch-based Ruffel Productions, plays out a series of interviews with furniture designers from Copenhagen (Christian Rudolph-Christiansan), Shenzhen (Robert Law) and Auckland (Lillian Baker).

The spots emphasise the interconnectivity of firms operating in a globalised world and also highlight the scrutiny applied by the folks at Hunter to furniture design and an interest in sourcing the best designs from all over the globe.

Taryne Fleck, marketing manager for Hunter says the campaign was intended to “[share]the genuine story of our suppliers and what drives their creativity and gives them inspiration to create their products,  we are out there sourcing from the best suppliers to provide the best in furniture design from around the world and New Zealand to your home”.

“This means that we can supply high quality products at affordable prices. It also means that we have the range of furniture to supply pieces to our customers that will suit individual tastes & existing décor.”

The campaign emphasises quality and a high attention to detail all across the distribution chain which Fleck says is important to Hunter Furniture.

“The most important fact is that we know where and how our products are made. We are constantly traveling around the world and here at home in New Zealand, to visit our suppliers and designers in their factories. We have seen their processes first hand, from the drawing of an initial concept right down to the last stitch.”

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