Dow Design rebrands Stafix, no bull

The agri-technology sector doesn’t ordinarily conjure up associations of top brand design, but Dow Design is feeling pretty chuffed with its efforts to rebrand argi-technology brand, Stafix. It’s out with the bright yellow lettering on a green background of old and in with a simpler green on white look that creates “in-store standout”. And, following research into what farmers deem to be a universal symbol of power and strength, apparently you can’t go past  ‘High Noon’ the red Angus bull.

The Stafix brand offers a wide range of electric fence energizers and accessories to professional farmers across the globe, but since it was first acquired by Tru-Test Group in 1998, its core branding has remained largely unchanged.

Dow Design’s strategic development director Andy Jaquet says it was important the new look retain some of the elements of familiarity and trust associated with the brand of old.

“Brand preference is important when purchasing an energiser, but in most other product categories, there was little consumer differentiation between brands,” he says. “Stafix lacked the strong personality and brand promise needed to standout, often resulting in a ‘commodity’ status.”

As for High Noon, his talents come all the way from South Dakota, USA. Dow Design account director Carolynn Easton says High Noon’s image across Stafix product packaging “captures attention” and achieves strong cut through and memorability. She says research shows this subtlety can make the difference between brand acceptance or brand rejection. Who would’ve thought?

A new strap line, ‘Powering Your Land’, was added next to the bull, to reinforce the brand promise, and brand values of strength, stability and performance guaranteed.

With up to 150 products in a category, Dow says clear sub-categories were also added within each range from economy to professional, with sub-category tiers denoted by colours; yellow for standard efficiency, silver for premium, and gold for extreme. The cross selling of complementary products was also added.


The new…

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