Domino’s delivers orders app as online sales drive continues

Domino’s has added another weapon to its arsenal as it seeks to grow its online sales from 60 per cent of overall purchases to 80 percent in the next two to three years.

The recently-launched Offers app sits alongside the iOS and Android apps it released in 2012.

The new app is designed to replace paper vouchers with digital, allowing users to view deals from a pre-set local store or from those near them using their smartphone’s GPS.

Domino’s has recognised the importance of location-based offers with the app, says New Zealand general manager Scott Bush.

“Not only do we need to ensure our websites and services are optimised for mobile, but also that our apps are relevant and making customers lives’ easier.”

The app also makes the ordering process more interactive and enjoyable, Bush says. “Embracing this kind of technology and digital innovation allows customers to really have control over their order.

“It’s important we continue to give our customers what they want in this space and also provide them with things that make the pizza ordering process easier and faster.”

The overall Domino’s app, developed in Australia, lets users browse menus, design a customised pizza, make an order, choose pick up or delivery and track their order status.

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