Pizza’s never been so easy

Humans just got even lazier. Dominos has given fast food a new meaning with the announcement of its latest effort to make pizza ordering easy, a Zero Click app.

Users of the ordering app create a pizza profile where a standard ‘Easy Order’ is saved. When the app is opened, it automatically orders the pizza at the end of a 10-second countdown (included in case the app is opened by mistake).

The zero-click ordering system comes after Domino’s launched Easy Order in 2013, which refined the ordering experience down to five clicks. But apparently five is now an inconvenience for pizza lovers.

While it appears the new app is not available in New Zealand, we do have the DRU to look forward to.

Last month, Domino’s excited us with the announcement of the robotic unit, the world’s first four-wheeled vehicle that will be used for pizza delivery.

The pizza brand is currently working with the Ministry of Transport and the NZTA to ensure all relevant legislative requirements are met to get DRU on New Zealand roads.

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