Countdown launches retail media business Cartology

Cartology New Zealand, Countdown’s new stand-alone retail media business, has launched with a focus on connecting with customers at the moments that matter.

“Cartology” refers to the science of retail media, combining the cart, as used by customers in store and online, with the in-depth delivery of measurement of media effectiveness.

Led by General Manager Samantha Osborne, formerly Managing Director of Mindshare, Cartology aims to help Countdown’s new and existing suppliers access some of New Zealand’s most valuable and unique media assets, and put brands in a position to better connect with customers.

Osborne says: “We’ve been closely watching how other businesses overseas are engaging with their customers, with many leveraging new digital and data technologies to really connect and be more relevant amidst an ever-changing media landscape.

“At the same time we know suppliers to our business here in New Zealand are also looking for simpler ways to engage with customers, and to make sure they are making the most of every dollar of marketing spend with data-led decisions and measurement.”

Countdown has over three million customers weekly, and Onecard is one of the largest loyalty programmes in the country. 

“It can be hard to navigate the opportunities that currently exist in our business to talk to consumers, let alone think about how consumers might be reached in the future. Customers today expect personal and relevant advertising – there is no one size fits all – and with a data-led approach to our insights and learnings, we think we can make a big impact for suppliers, but importantly, for our customers as well.”

Over the coming weeks, Cartology will reach out to suppliers and media agencies to introduce a new electronic booking system and media platforms as well as sharing new media toolkits. 

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