BRITA campaign encourages households to reduce plastic waste

A new campaign from water filtration company BRITA demonstrates that filtered tastes just as good as the bottled stuff. 

The brand’s latest ANZ marketing campaign, As Good As, shows that by using a BRITA filter jug households can reduce their plastic waste while saving on household spending.

It was inspired by the insight that 72 percent of bottled water drinkers agree BRITA filtered water tastes as good as bottled water.

Starring in the campaign is New Zealand-born fashion and style personality Nikki Phillips and Sydney-based travel photographer Jason Van Miert.

The first creative features Phillips talking about the ways she saves money and reduces her plastic use. The second presents Van Miert scrolling through picturesque photography marred by plastic bottles in the ocean. 

Nadine Miller, Marketing Director at BRITA Australia says: “Our new campaign is lighthearted but delivers the message that you can enjoy pure tasting water, simply by using a BRITA jug at home.”

The creative will air in New Zealand and Australia from February.

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