The Compendium: 22 November

This short allegorical video uses robots to give a damning account of the modern human dependency on technology.   

David Blaine based much of his street-magic career on the ability to know things about absolute strangers. It turns out that he may just have been the first social media creep in history.     

Argentina’s Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi continues a period of good creative form with a video that questions the stereotype that chewing gum sets a poor first impression.

But the Argentineans weren’t the only ones to break down stereotypes. This TVC for Goldie Blox absolutely destroys the notion that all girls want to be princesses.

Bill O’Reilly momentarily stepped away from his right-wing propaganda responsibilities to question the Herald’s publication policies.

A UC Berkley researcher provides an interesting correlation between wealth and treating people badly. It turns out that rich people – or even those who feel rich – are more likely to break the law, lie or take candy from the mouths of children.

Google posits itself as the modern Rosetta stone on account of it serving as a bridge between people from nine different countries and cultural backgrounds.    

Kmart has moved on from the evil boardroom to create a rendition of a Christmas favourite that’ll make you feel uncomfortable whenever you hear chime of bells in the future.  

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