The Compendium: 21 June

Tango has a rich heritage of quality ads. And it’s beefed up for its latest campaign (see the others here).

Not everyone liked Apple’s new campaign. But it’s hard not to like this short film showing what its technologies enable. 

Early adopter trolls need entertainment too. 

Telco tries to make a new word fly. 

VW protects your sides. 

People don’t share enough banal information about their lives these days. So thank the lord for Instagram video. 

If you liked Anthony Richardson’s pisstake sailing commentary during the Olympics, you’ll love his baseball calls.

The world’s best news team gets set to make a return. 

The remarkably popular (and puerile) Drawing Dicks on the Herald Sun gets its own doco. 

Beware the ghost of fast food.

Selling toilet paper with a literal double-page spread, Heineken’s Dad Jokes Tumblr, and a massive pun on rooting

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