The Compendium: 1 March

At first we were like, what the actual?? is going on here. But we get it now, all of this obscenity is for the exceptionally important cause of ensuring pay inequality is a thing of the past. If men aren’t afraid of doing shitty day jobs, then why can’t they do everyday shitty household tasks? Exactly. 

Nothing happens in isolation and everyone needs to take responsibility for creating a ‘normal’ that doesn’t allow men to voice their feelings and gives them the excuse of ‘boys will be boys’ for their deplorable actions. This ad highlights what it takes to build a culture of violence, and what we can do differently to end the cycle.

There’s something about a balloon that just brings joy to a child, despite them essentially being balls of someone else’s spit. This ad appealing to support children in Latin America is spot on and a worthy cause. 

Maynooth University is celebrating the changing face of Ireland here – bringing to light its most valuable asset: its people. 

This ad reminds us of the scare factory in Monster’s Inc in its opening scene which could never be a bad thing. 

American insurance ads are always so weird, what does an emu have to this campaign? Is it part of the logo? The brand? Who knows – but we suppose it is memorable. 

This ad is very Her, and it is pretty cringe to be honest. But it is quite different to most car ads, so one small point for Renault. 

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