Comedy Central taketh away, giveth back with bogus rent-a-protest

Comedy Central canned two of its most popular shows, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report in September because the licences had expired. Cue protests, outrage and steam coming out of viewers’ ears. But, not one to let an opportunity pass it by, Comedy Central has, in truly arse about face fashion, now decided to create its own “campaign” to make the network change their own stupid minds.

Comedy Central says the decision to remove the shows was not made lightly, but it came as a big shock to loyal fans that subsequently rallied together in protest. And public outcry has run the gamut: “Are you mad!”; “These two shows are the main reason I have a Sky subscription”; “Bring back TV that involves some intelligence”; and, perhaps most pertinently, “Ya’ll are some kind of stoopid muthaf**kers”.

www.bringbacktheshows.co.nz hosts a banner that states “Bring Back The Daily Show & Colbert Report”, where protestors get to show their love and select a pixel to register their vote. Every response submitted uncovers a section of the protest banner and once 4,000 comments of protest have been logged (it’s up to 80 now), Comedy Central will bring back the best-of-the-week highlights (aka the Global Editions) for both shows.

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