New World’s grocery orchestra slices fruit, vegetables and heaven

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Humans have always strived to find new and exciting uses for fruit and vegetables (orange cannons, apple bongs and every kind of alcohol ever invented, for example). And New World, which now claims to be “different, just like you”, is the latest in a long line of grocery tinkerers, with a big new brand ad out of .99 that shows the staff band playing the likes of carrot recorders, cabbage guitars, pumpkin drums and other innovative musical instruments to the tune of Dave Dobbyn’s ‘Slice of Heaven’.

Kumara bongs: now available at New World

New World’s main point of difference is that the stores are locally-owned (it was voted the country’s most trusted supermarket in this year’s Reader’s Digest awards) and .99 is obviously aiming to tap into that burgeoning love for local groceries, both with the music choice and the new catchphrase. As it says on the website: “We New Zealanders are a different bunch. We like to try new things; push the boundaries. We like to create, not copy. But we like to have fun while we’re at it. It’s an attitude thing really. At New World we’re all New Zealanders ourselves. You can see it in our stores and in our people. We think food and fun go hand in hand. And that’s what makes us different, like you.”

Pak n Save’s stickman had a whole segment devoted to him on the Fair Go Ad Awards. Countdown dominated the whole ad spot on the 6 o’clock news on ONE for a week with its Meet the Colemans. And, on a much smaller (but quite interesting) scale, the Trusty Delivery Co. just set up shop in New Zealand. So, then it seems the great supermarket wars of late 2010 are now upon us.

Opinion in the office is divided on this one, with some wishing they had made taken this opportunity to make a meat flute. But it’s certainly more watchable than Richard Till.

If you’re a fan of this musical epic, you’ll be able to check out the behind the scenes vid soon at New World’s Facetube page.

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