Colenso BBDO and AMI celebrate kindness shown during Covid-19

AMI and Colenso BBDO reflect on the kindness Kiwis have shown during Covid-19 with their latest homemade video campaign.

Created by DOP’s and photographers across the country and directed by FINCH’s Zia Mandviwalla, the campaign celebrates all the different ways Kiwis have shown kindness to one another.

Visiting grandma, checking in on the neighbours and spending quality time with those in your household are the acts of kindness AMI wants to see continue post Covid-19.

“This evolution of the brand sees AMI return to its more authentic self, where we celebrate what makes New Zealand unique and what makes this country a place we’re all proud to call home,” says Jessica Bunker, Marketing Manager at AMI.   

Colenso BBDO executive creative director, Maria Devereux, adds “I think we’ve all become more aware of those around us recently – neighbours, family and strangers. Keeping this culture of looking out for each other going will make New Zealand safer for everyone.”


Client: AMI Insurance

Client: Jessica Bunker, AMI Marketing Manager

Client: Melanie O’Leary, AMI Senior Segment Marketer

Client: Meika Etherdige, AMI Marketing Co-ordinator

Client: Renee Milkop-Kerr, Executive Manager Customer & Marketing

Agency: Colenso BBDO

Production Company: FINCH

Director: Zia Mandivalla

MD / Executive Producer – Corey Esse

Executive Producer – Jimena Murray

Editor – Luke Haigh

Post Production – Atticus

Colourist – Pete Ritchie

Online Editor – Stu Bedford

Music Composition – Squeak E Clean Studios

Sound – Franklin Rd

Head of Sound Design – Shane Taipari

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