Coke continues YouTube collaboration with launch of Kiwi version of ‘colour your summer’

In November, Jamie Curry orchestrated a treasure hunt in Sydney as part of the #colouryoursummer campaign, which Coca-Cola has launched in an effort to get millennials thirsty over the warmer months.

And this campaign has now also spread across to this side of the ditch, with the launch of the Kiwi version. 

Kicking off on 1 December, the campaign will see a limited edition range of 300ml Coca-Cola cans, available in red, blue, orange, pink and purple, hitting supermarket fridges across the country (there will also be Coke Zero versions of the colourful cans available).                   

Much like the Australian campaign, the Kiwi iteration is being rolled out across outdoor, digital, point of sale, cinema, PR, experiential and social media, with emphasis placed on reaching millennnials where they are. 

“This is the first time that we’ve led with digital content rather than with a big television broadcast,” says Delina Shields, the group marketing manager for Coca-Cola Oceania.

As the campaign progresses, fifteen-second online videos will be created as well as a series of 65 variations of snackable content. These snippets of entertainment will be strewn through the various digital executions, with the aim of encouraging users to discover them.

One way in which this is already being brought to life is through the colouryoursummer.co.nz website, which invites users to arrange the different Coke cans in their preferred order.  

Once this is done, the website forwards the user to a piece of content that is related to one of the different cans chosen in the lineup. 

In addition to featuring somewhat bizarre video clips, there are also a few interactive games that users can play. 

Shields says that ‘colour your summer’ website will also have a competition element in the sense that users will be able to win a series of prizes depending on what order they choose for the cans.

In addition to the digital elements, the campaign also has a strong experiential push, with the Coca-Cola Happiness Truck set to distribute the plethora of cans at various summer hotspots.

Given the range of elements involved, Coca-Cola worked with Ikon, Ogilvy, Satellite Media, Copper Brand Experiences, Geometry Global, FCB PR and Activation, and Farrimond to bring the campaign to life across all the channels (see agency credits for the the role each agency played).      

And in much the same way that Coca-Cola Australia worked with Jamie Curry and Champchong to reach a younger audience, so too is Coke working with a pair of YouTube stars for the New Zealand leg of the campaign (Coke also had Curry promote the launch on the Kiwi campaign through her Instagram profile). 

Shields says that Coke has commissioned Kiwis Sally Hickey (peachyteaful) and Benny Osborne (bennymcnugget) to work on a pair of original videos for the campaign. 

One of the defining features of Coke’s campaign in Australia was that the very young YouTube stars were given creative freedom to develop campaigns that they felt would best resonate with their respective audiences, and Shields says that the same will happen on this side. 

“When working with influencers, it’s important to keep their authenticity,” says Shields. “For this reason, we’ve given both YouTube stars free reign.”

Shields says the two campaigns are still in production and will only be released next week, but adds that she has been impressed by the snippets she has seen thus far.

Interestingly, the YouTube ambassadors used for the Kiwi campaign have much smaller followings than those used for the Aussie version.

While curry has over 1.2 million subscribers and Chamchong’s nearly 600,000, Hickey only has 54,000 and Osborne lags further behind with 24,000.

However, despite not matching their YouTube counterparts in subscriber numbers, both Osborne and Hickey are gaining online traction, with the former having acculumated over 1.2 million views and the latter over 750,000. 

Agency credits:

  • Ikon Communications – Connections Planning & Media Buy
  • Ogilvy – Creative Digital, Social, Film and OOH
  • Satellite Media – Digital & Website Build
  • Copper Brand Experiences – Experiential
  • Geometry Global – Shopper & Packaging
  • FCB PR & Activation – Reactive PR, Influencer Outreach
  • Farrimond – Consumer promotion fulfillment and prizing


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