Clever banking banners win Colenso and Mediacom July IABNZ Award

Colenso BBDO and Mediacom have come up trumps in the Interactive Advertising Bureau New Zealand’s (IABNZ) Online Creative Award for July, with their online banner work for BNZ Bank’s YouMoney.

BNZ Bank’s (or is it just BNZ now?) new internet banking service is – and we don’t say this often about banking products – a breath of fresh air. The interface makes the drudgery of banking just a bit more bearable and slightly more intuitive.

A major feature of YouMoney is the ability to drag and drop money between different personal accounts. Colenso and Mediacom’s banners – which appeared across several news and entertainment websites – let people drag and drop money to engage the ad. If the user completes the customer journey and sets up a YouMoney account, they can claim the cash amount on the ad to be deposited in their brand-spanking new BNZ account.

Using tracking tools within the banners, the ads kept a live update of how much the user had earned – keeping them coming back in order to earn more cash (up to a maximum of $50).

Director of Blood & Sand and a judge for the award Andy Blood says of the campaign: “A simple and engaging, product/service demo/tutorial. Probably belies all the effort that went into it. Makes me wish I had an account like that…actually, the more I know, the more I like it. I think it’s brilliantly conceived and executed.”

For their effort, the Colenso and Mediacom teams win a $500 bar tab.

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