Cheeky Trade Careers campaign encourages women into trades

Trade Careers have launched a creative myth-busting web series to encourage more Kiwi women into the trades, along with a toolkit to empower employees to hire female staff. 

At present, only 13.5 percent of all workers in the trades are women, and there are only 2.6 percent of women on the tools. 

Hosted on tradecareers.co, the light-hearted series features multi-award-winning comedian Tess Waters in character as ‘Dave’, an employer on a journey to hire more women in the trade industry, alongside Billy-T Award winning comedian and actress Kura Forrester representing female employees.

With a new episode dropping each week, the series shares experiences of women currently working in the trades, along with inspiring industry leaders to bust myths about hiring females.

‘Dave’ represents an amalgamation of data gathered from over 1,000 New Zealand tradies who have expressed interest in hiring a woman. 

‘Dave’ says: “I’ve learnt so much about how to get it right for women on site and also how to manage the lads’ reaction to having more women in the industry. My advice? Give it a red hot go!”

Principal Advisor WITC, Kelly Bennett says: “We heard that lots of Kiwi women are keen to enter the trades and that employers really want to hire them – both groups just need a chance to meet each other and find out more about how it all works.  

“Our pilot programme with videos, toolkits, site visits, and events are a fun, useful way to get answers to all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask.”

‘Dave’ adds: “Women in trades is not a new thing, it’s a great thing!”

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