Urban List report looks into modern shopping behaviour

Lifestyle publisher Urban List has released its latest research, this time offering an analysis of evolving retail customers and how the traditional purchase funnel has evolved into a spiralling consumer loop.

The report, titled Add To Cart, draws on responses from over 4,000 Urban List readers across New Zealand and Australia, exploring three main themes—the non-linear consumer journey, contemporary consumer culture and ecomm escapism.

Urban List Head Of Brand & Culture Sophia Wilcox shared, “The non-linear path buyers take to ‘add to cart,’ characterised by a blend of online and offline discoveries, influencer impacts and peer recommendations, demonstrating that the modern consumer’s route to purchase is more varied and interconnected than ever. Attempting to decode this labyrinth has been fascinating.”

The report also delves into the critical role of content in shaping consumer decisions.

With video proving to be the most engaging type of content, capturing the attention of 60 percent of consumers, Urban List emphasises the need for brands to adopt diverse, dynamic content strategies to meet consumers at different decision-making stages.

Hamish Taylor, Strategy Director at Urban List, added “Add To Cart serves as a comprehensive guide for retailers, marketers, and content creators looking to understand and leverage the nuances of modern consumer behaviour.

“Our report not only maps out these complex pathways but also offers actionable insights for brands to enhance engagement and conversion in a digital-centric market.”

Add To Cart is available on demand by contacting Urban List.

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