Cash from clicks: online spree a springboard for Kiwi retailers

The organisers of Click Monday, the second Kiwi version of an offshore 24-hour online buyup to be held in recent weeks, estimate the event delivered between $1.5 million and $2 million in sales. That number sat alongside 300,000 views on the deals offered by the nearly 70 participating retailers, 200,000 clicks delivered, the biggest single order value of $3500 and sales uplifts of as much as 10 times that of some companies’ baseline sales.

Co-organiser Cate Bryant, director of e-commerce consultancy Net Growth Strategies, says broad industry participation and a proven business model after eight years in the US and numerous similar events worldwide, made the difference.

“We were delivering retailers qualified traffic. That means they can control the transaction. Those people are ready to buy and some of them can be added to your database and give additional value.

“We got a lot of momentum in the last two weeks as awareness started to build. Due to the competitive nature of retail, as people saw their competitors were there, they saw they had to be there too.”

Eight of the participating retailers have sites managed by BlackPepper, the online marketing company where fellow Click Monday organiser Alain Russell is CEO.

The pair can only estimate sales made by retailers outside those whose sites are run by BlackPepper, according to clicks and feedback from he retailer, says Bryant. She adds BNZ’s Marketview report on consumer spending will be the most robust source of sales data, but that won’t be finalised for 10 days.

Bryant says collaboration across bricks and mortar retailers, pure play online retailers and Trade Me — where Click Monday was advertised and had a category during the event — hasn’t happened on such a scale before. It was also marketed via GrabOne and an email to MediaWorks’ database.

The retailers that promoted deals to their own databases and Facebook communities achieved the best sales results, she says.

Briscoes, Ezibuy, Hallensteins, Glassons, Stevens, Pascoes, Bendon and Icebreaker were among the Click Monday retailers. The pair plans to run the event again next November.

It follows The Warehouse Group’s sale day, Click Madness, held in mid November. The group says sales on that day exceeded Boxing Day, traditionally its strongest day of the year.

Each of the Kiwi events is based on Cyber Monday, which kicked off in 2005 in the US.

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