Cartoony Carney feels fear, writes it anyway

Michael Carney is quite possibly the most productive man on the planet. And he’s generous, too: he’s giving away a few free copies of his new literary baby – an e-book called Adventures into the Unknown World of Social Media that deals with marketers’ fears about the space and details the ways to overcome them – to a few speedy downloaders. Carney offered his e-book last week for free with a curious offer: for every ten copies ordered, the offer would be kept open for another day. 61 requests were received for the book (and a fair dose of praise was heaped upon it, such as “amazing and awesome”) and this week it is being offered to a wider audience (through other outlets).

The first 100 requests for the e-book will be honoured, so get in quick and nab your free copy here. Anything over the 100 and names will go on a waiting list. And if the author’s generosity levels remain high, you could still be in luck.

With its comic book stylings (Carney searched for the appropriate cartoons and wrote the text for each of them), it’s certainly a very good looking social media document and it also has a sense of humour. But, while it’s fun, it’s also serious and, as expected, Carney offers plenty of research and a wide array of hints and tips to help marketers get with the social media programme.

“Social media is growing exponentially – Facebook is growing faster than Google,” says Carney. If your company doesn’t have a social media presence then I guarantee you are missing opportunities for growth. So it’s time to deal with those fears about engaging with social media once and for all.”

Carney’s generosity knows no bounds, it seems: he’s let us put up the first few pages of the book on StopPress. 

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