Canned death

New Zealand has a horrible rate of boating deaths. And, in an effort to reduce those numbers and get people wearing lifejackets, the powers that be have tried campaigns involving everything from peer-pressuring clowns to ’80s-inspired gunfights. But French watersports company Tribord has gone down a different, more abstract path and created a rather unique drink. 

In a clever gimmick to get people to wear lifejackets—and, preferably, the Izeber 50 floating jacket—it packaged sea water into a trendy can, named it Wave and handed it out to unsuspecting passersby to give them an unexpected “taste of drowning”. 

Last year, another French marine wear brand Guy Cotten and its agency CLM BBDO created Sortie en Mer: a trip out to sea, a harrowing online ‘drowning simulator’ that asked users to scroll to stay alive. 

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