TVCs of the week: 11 August

Who’s it for: Maggi by Mediaworks and Helena Brooks

Why we like it: It’s not easy to please everyone at the dinner table, which this ad illustrates through Jaquie Brown’s comedic portrayal of a familial set up complete with a husband, fussy child and an anti-social teen. This is particularly true with a perceived pressure to whip up something spectacular night-after-night thanks to ever-pervasive reality cooking shows like Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules. But sometimes all you need is a good ol’ packet of ready-made gravy to bring that meal to the next level, which this ad humorously portrays.

Who’s it for: McDonald’s by DDB and Thick as Thieves

Why we like it: We like that McDonald’s has taken a light-hearted and quite frankly ridiculous (in a good way) approach to market the newly launched butter chicken Gerogie Pie. The ad shows how it’s much easier to eat safely encrusted butter chicken in the form of a pie as opposed to real butter chicken when partaking in everyday activities. Such as, mechanical bull riding, standing in front of a giant fan, hula hooping, jumping on a bouncy castle, you know, all the usual stuff. The ad even lends some helpful stats: “Five fifths of the Georgie Pie butter chicken is 100 percent easier to eat on the go”, who knew.

Who’s it for: Hallenstein Brothers by Lach and Friends

Why we like it: Jay Alvarrez, who has become something of a YouTube and Instagram sensation in recent months, with glamorous videos and images surfacing of him and his girlfriend Alexis Ren living the life, sky diving, surfing and visiting tropical islands. Hallenstein has cleverly capitalised on their social media success and incorporated their adventure-video style into its latest ad, basically switching Alvarrez’s bare chest for a Hallenstein’s suit. The ad features some stunning footage from Rio De Janeiro, with Alvarrez and the other Hallenstein brothers jumping out of planes and off rock faces. We did notice, however, that the city’s favelas were conveniently out of shot for the duration of the ad.

Who’s it for: F. Whitlock & Sons by Us&Co

Why we like it: We all wish we could master a skill overnight or without ever having to learn it which is the idea behind this ad for Killer Sauce through the fictional experiences of Outrageous Fortune star and funny man Tammy Davis. In the ad he says men look cool when they know something (like dancing, chess or piano) but when they are trying to learn they can look a bit lame, and the same goes for cooking. We like what Davis brings to the ad with his laid back, mildly self-deprecating and effortless comedic style. The ad also includes options at the end of the clip, which Davis points to with chances to win the sauce and also options for those who were annoyed the clip turned out to be an ad, and for those who simply just want to click on something.

Who’s it for: NZ Olympics

Why we like it: We like the cinematic quality to the ad, which showcases some Lord of the Rings-esque footage, with the camera sweeping over snow-capped mountains, suggesting the journey our athletes will take when they head to next year’s Olympic games in Rio De Janeiro. The voiceover makes the clip seem even more epic and discusses the national emblems we come together under like the Southern Cross as well as our connection to the land and how it has sculpted our athletes. 

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