Campbell Live passes the hat around for hungry kids—UPDATED

When mainstream media outlets put their minds to it, they can be a powerful force for good. Campbell Live, which was in the headlines today after the announcement about is main rival Close Up, has given it a good nudge this year with a series of fundraising initiatives and it’s been shining a light on child poverty in New Zealand and its social and economic impacts this week. To raise funds, it’s instituted Lunchbox day with KidsCan and there are a number of businesses and community organisations doing their bit around the country. So as you slip back to work from your Friday power lunch, either text lunch to 8595 to make a $3 donation or harass the boss to come up with some cash. Or both.

“Child poverty is complex issue, but the one thing we all agree on is that the children themselves are not to blame and that in everyone’s long term interests, something has to be done about this,” says John Campbell. 

From Riverton to Northland, schools, businesses and other groups have taken up the challenge and are running community events; from school discos and mufti days, to sausage sizzles and wacky hair days, to a bake sale at the Ohakea Air Base, a black and red day in Christchurch, to a business leaders’ lunch.

Friday’s Campbell Live programme will feature as many of these activities as possible, with journalists reporting from around the country. Viewers are invited to join the conversation at www.facebook.com/CampbellLiveNZ and by using the #lunchboxday on Twitter.

How to donate:

  • KidsCan Charitable Trust: ASB BANK 12 3026 0348180 03
  • Text LUNCH to 8595 for an automatic $3 donation to “shout a child lunch”. The $3 text line will be open for a month, and 100 percent of the proceeds go to KidsCan.

UPDATE: DraftFCB decided to get involved with this initiative and just held $5 Sausage Friday. 

“We had a giant sausage sizzle and asked staff to purchase a sausage for $5,” says general manager of PR, Angela Spain. “We’ve raised just over $1,800 from Staff donations and DraftFCB will be matching this with a total donation to KidsCan of $3,660.”

We know you agency folk are competitive, so consider the bar set. 

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