Brand manager to drive Driver magazine

NZDriver orange cvrTangible Media is building a nice little stable of consumer titles covering a gamut of niche interests – Dish, Real Groove, NZ Rugby World, Habitat – and now the company has a new brand manager for Driver magazine, Chris Merlini (sounds like a posh car brand). So expect to see a higher profile of the title in the future.

Merlini’s sales experience comes from working on mags such as Mercedes, BMW, Rev, Classic Car, Performance Car, AA Torque and NZ Geographic.

NZers sure love their cars and there are a few titles around competing for this particular male market, notably from Parkside and Adrenalin, but Merlini is thrilled to have the responsibility to increase Driver brand awareness, subs and online initiatives.

Editorial cohorts David Linklater, Allan Dick and Damien O’Carroll now have another team member to discuss HPs and Nms and kphs with. If brand ‘driver’ Merlini is the Stig, which ones are Hamster, Captain Slow and Jezza?

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