Hit for Six: DDB

Sandy Moore smName: Sandy Moore, CEO
Company: DDB Group NZ Ltd (DDB, Rapp, Mango, Interbrand, Tribal DDB)
Staff: 180
Offices in NZ: Auckland and Wellington

  1. Notable clients: NZ Lotteries, McDonald’s, SKY TV, Cadbury, The Warehouse, Lion Nathan, Volkswagen, Telecom, ANZ/National, AMI Insurance, STIHL, Clorox, Tasman Insulation, Heinz Watties, George Weston Foods, Mobil Oil, Tegel
  2. Sell yourself in a sentence: Our staff are our major asset; we believe that our people are “best in class” across all marketing disciplines and it’s our prime goal to find, train and retain the best talent in the market that will positively impact our client’s business.
  3. Campaign most proud of: Too hard to pick one, but I especially love the Pink Batts spot, SKY TV HDI ‘It’s all in here’ and Instant Kiwi ‘Get a perm’.Youtube Video
  4. TV isn’t dead because: No other medium makes such an instant impact if the creative is break through; example, when we first ran the Cadbury ‘Gorilla’ spot last year it was an instant hit and everyone in the country had seen it or was talking about it in only a few days.
  5. The future of advertising is: Ever evolving, always exciting and forever able to excite and motivate consumers through new expressions of creativity.
  6. Dream account we haven’t got yet: We’ve got a few dream “irons in the fire” right now, so maybe our dreams will come true soon.

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