Magazine Media Awards 2017: Bauer leads finalists, Tangible Media and Fairfax follow

The Magazine Publishers Associations has announced the 123 finalists across 16 publishers vying for glory at this year’s Magazine Media Awards.

Those finalists come from Bauer’s total of 55 finalists spots, followed by Tangible Media’s 19, Fairfax Media’s 14, Lifestyle Magazine Group’s seven and Kōwhai Media’s six.

This year’s peer judging was carried out by a panel of 81 judges, with Kim Mundell, director of Mandeville and CEO and conference event director of Health Informatics, stepping in as the judging convenor. 

According to the MPA, the judges were delighted by the impressive calibre of the entries and the standard of entries was extremely high, which sparked strong debate.

The entries also showcased the impressive talent in the magazine media industry, the exceptional standard of work reflecting the rapid evolution and growing sophistication of magazine media across every conceivable platform. 

Included in the finalists is last year’s ‘Magazine of the Year’ winner, New Zealand Geographic, which gets a mention in the Current Affairs & Business categories of Best Magazine, Best Cover, Best Journalist and Best Photographer. It’s also a finalist for Best Magazine 360.

Last year’s editor of the year Shelley Ferguson also gets a mention in the ‘Best Editor – Home and Food’ category for Nadia, Your Home & Garden, and Taste.

Finalists now have to wait to hear the winners at the Gala Dinner on 7 September. It will be held at Motat Aviation Hall.

Until then, feast your eyes on the finalists below.

Best Columnist

Joe Bennett, New Zealand Gardener – Fairfax Media
Lisa Scott, NEXT – Bauer Media
Polly Greeks, NZ Life & Leisure – Lifestyle Magazine Group

Current Affairs & Business
David Larsen, Metro – Bauer Media 
James Robins,  New Zealand Listener – Bauer Media
Paul Thomas,  New Zealand Listener – Bauer Media

Best Content Marketing Campaign

‘Maybelline – Make it Happen’  Fashion Quarterly and www.missfq.co.nz – Bauer Media
‘Style Your Space (For Citta)’ homestyle  – The Pluto Group 
‘Xero – Life Beyond Business’ NZ Listener, North & South, KiaOra, Next – The Media Collective @ Bauer Media

Best Cover

Consumer Special Interest 
June/July 2016 – Little Treasures – Tangible Media
August 2016 – NZ Lifestyle Block – Lifestyle Magazine Group
January 2017 – NZ Fishing News – NZ Fishing Media Ltd

Current Affairs & Business      
January-February 2017 – NZ Geographic  – Kōwhai Media
July/ August 2016  – Metro – Bauer Media
Winter 2016 – Idealog – Tangible Media

Home & Food  
September 2016 – Cuisine – Fairfax Media
August/ September 2016 – Home – Bauer Media
Autumn/Winter 2016 – Simply You Living – Bauer Media

Industry & Trade   
July 2016 – Dairy Exporter – NZ Farm Life Media
March 2017 – DEMM Engineering & Manufacturing – Adrenalin Publishing 

23/05/16 – Australian Women’s Weekly – Bauer Media
January 2017 – NEXT – Bauer Media
Winter 2016 – Fashion Quarterly – Bauer Media
Launch Issue – Miss FQ – Bauer Media

Best Designer

Consumer Special Interest    
Hannah Lawless, Together Journal – Kenyon Enterprises
Samantha Smith, New Zealand Weddings – Tangible Media

Current Affairs & Business       
Derek Ward, New Zealand Listener – Bauer Media 
Yifan (Wade) Wu, Idealog – Tangible Media

Home & Food      
Fiona Lascelles,  Cuisine  – Fairfax Media
Juliette Wanty,  Homestyle – The Pluto Group Ltd.
Sarah Gladwell, Home New Zealand  – Bauer Media 

Industry & Trade     
Sally Travis, NZ Plumber – Master Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drainlayers NZ Inc.
Yifan (Wade) Wu, NZ Marketing/ StopPress – Tangible Media

Emma Staddon,  UNO Magazine  – Spectre Publishing
Lisa Lodge, Good – Tangible Media
Tanya Wong, Nadia – Bauer Media

Best Digital Brand

‘Homes to Love’  –  Bauer Media
‘New Zealand Weddings Digital’  – Tangible Media
‘NZGeo.com’  – Kōwhai Media

Best Editor

Consumer Special Interest     
Alistair Hall, Wilderness – Lifestyle Publishing
Jo McCarroll, NZ Gardener  – Fairfax Media
Nadene Hall, NZ Lifestyle Block – Lifestyle Magazine Group

Current Affairs & Business       
Jeremy Hansen, Paperboy – Bauer Media
Pamela Stirling, New Zealand Listener – Bauer Media
Susannah Walker, Metro – Bauer Media

Home & Food      
Sally Duggan, NZ House & Garden – Fairfax Media
Shelley Ferguson, Nadia, Your Home & Garden, Taste – Bauer Media

Industry & Trade      
Beverly Sellers, NZ Plumber – Master Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drainlayers NZ Inc
Damien Venuto, NZ Marketing/StopPress – Tangible Media
Sarah Dunn, NZ Retail – Tangible Media

Carolyn Enting, Good – Tangible Media
Jenny Rudd, UNO. Magazine – Spectre Publishing
Sido Kitchin, Woman’s Day – Bauer Media

Best Journalist

Consumer Special Interest      
Lynda Hallinan, NZ Gardener – Fairfax Media
Meghan Walker, Wilderness Magazine – Lifestyle Publishing
Rebecca Hayter,  Wilderness and Boating New Zealand  – Lifestyle Publishing and Boating New Zealand Ltd

Current Affairs & Business       
Donna Chisholm, North & South and New Zealand Listener – Bauer Media
Kate Evans, New Zealand Geographic – Kōwhai Media
Rebecca Macfie, New Zealand Listener  – Bauer Media 

Home & Food      
Alice Neville, Cuisine – Fairfax Media
Sue Allison, NZ House & Garden – Fairfax Media
Sue Hoffart, NZ House & Garden – Fairfax Media

Industry & Trade      
Elly Strang, NZ Retail Magazine, Idealog – Tangible Media
Erin McKenzie, NZ Marketing/StopPress – Tangible Media
Matthew Lowe, NZ Plumber – Master Plumbers, Gasfitters & Drainlayers NZ Inc

Claire McCall, NZ Life & Leisure – Lifestyle Magazine Group
Emma Clifton, NEXT – Bauer Media
Rachael Russell, NEXT – Bauer Media

Best Magazine

Consumer Special Interest      
New Zealand Weddings – Tangible Media
NZ Gardener – Fairfax Media
NZ Lifestyle Block – Lifestyle Magazine Group

Current Affairs & Business       
New Zealand Geographic – Kōwhai Media
North & South – Bauer Media
New Zealand Listener – Bauer Media

Home & Food      
Dish – Tangible Media
Healthy Food Guide – Healthy Life Media Ltd
NZ House & Garden – Fairfax Media

Industry & Trade      
NZ Marketing – Tangible Media
NZ Retail – Tangible Media
NZ Truck & Driver – Allied Publications

Nadia – Bauer Media
NZ Life & Leisure – Lifestyle Magazine Group
Woman’s Day – Bauer Media

Best Magazine 360

All campaigns – Fashion Quarterly, Miss FQ, FQ Life, FQ.co.nz, MissFQ.co.nz – Bauer Media
Nadia magazine launch – Nadia – Bauer Media
New Zealand Geographic – Kōwhai Media

Best Magazine Media Salesperson

Maddie Thomas, Your Home and Garden – Bauer Media
Nicola Saunders,  Home NZ, Simply You Living, Homes to Love – Bauer Media 
Rachel McLean, Sales Manager – Australian Market & Women’s Weekly /Lifestyle New Zealand – Bauer Media

Current Affairs & Business       
Guy Slater, New Zealand Listener, Metro, Paperboy, Noted.co.nz – Bauer Media
Krista Rostenberg,  KiaOra Magazine – Bauer Media
Vernene Medcalf, NZ Marketing/ StopPress – Tangible Media

Best Owned Media

Air New Zealand’s Inflight Magazine, KiaOra – Bauer Media
Countdown Food Magazine, Food – Bauer Media 
Toast Magazine, Toast – JetPlane

Best Photographer

Danelle Bohane, Together Journal – Kenyon Enterprises
Manja Wachsmuth, NZ House & Garden – Fairfax Media
Todd Eyre, Nadia – Bauer Media

Current Affairs & Business       
Richard Robinson, New Zealand Geographic – Kōwhai Media
Simon Young, Metro – Bauer Media

Best Publishing Innovation / Best Brand Extension

“homestyle Spatial Design – for F-A-B-R-I-C- of Onehunga” homestyle – The Pluto Group Ltd.
“NZSUV” NZ4WD – Adrenalin Publishing Ltd
“The Insider’s Guide to New Zealand 2017” NZ Life & Leisure – Lifestyle Magazine Group

Best Retail/Subscription Campaign

Miss FQ Retail Launch Campaign – Miss FQ –  Bauer Media
Nadia Retail Launch Campaign – Nadia –  Bauer Media
NZ Gardener’s Plan Bee – NZ Gardener –  Fairfax Media

Best Use of Insights

‘Nadia Launch’ Nadia – Bauer Media
‘Paperboy Launch’ Paperboy – Bauer Media
‘Xero – Life Beyond Business’ NZ Listener, North & SouthKiaOra, Next – Bauer Media

Best Use of Video or Audio

“Holden Carversations” Paperboy, Fashion Quarterly, Miss FQ, Taste – The Media Collective @ Bauer Media 
“Nestle: Bakers’” Choice foodtolove.co.nz, Taste, The Australian Women’s Weekly, Woman’s Day – The Media Collective @ Bauer Media 
“Style Your Space (for Citta)” Homestyle – The Pluto Group

Rising Star

Bea Taylor, NZ House & Garden – Fairfax Media 
Elly Strang, NZ Retail, Idealog – Tangible Media 
Georgia Bramley, Bauer Digital Team – Bauer Media 
Saru Krishnasamy, Food To Love – Bauer Media

David Owen, Insights IQ Bauer Media
Emi Hooper, Food Magazine and Taste Magazine and foodtolove.co.nz – Bauer Media 
Jill Larson, Eye Magazine, Beautiful You, The Beauty Book, New Zealand’s Best Dining Guide and Chinese Eye – Magazine Publishers

Best Rising Brand

Miss FQ, Bauer Media
Nadia, Bauer Media
Paperboy, Bauer Media

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