Borat vs. the iPhone

In the same way Apple aims to revolutionise the world with its products, Sacha Baron Cohen wants to revolutionize the world with his characters.

In a parody of an Apple product launch, Cohen introduces his ​finest, most advanced product yet – The Brothers Grimsby.

To a captivated audience, Cohen discusses his previous characters, Ali G, Borat, Bruno before introducing his latest lead “The Nobby” the same way Apple introduces its latest iPhone versions.

“Our engineers have worked night and day to bring you something that we are really proud of, we call it The Nobby.”

Each one is an advancement of the last with Nobby having 12 percent more likability than Borat and being 15 percent more idiotic than Ali G.

He then goes on to discuss the movie as an  “incredible virtual platform for the Nobby to operate in”.

Just incase he hadn’t already convinced the audience, Cohen pulls out the big guns, playing on the appeal of a lightweight, sleek iPhone.

“Plot so thin it’s the smallest most lightest and confusing plot that’s ever been released from a major studio.”

So intrigued by the descriptions Cohen receives a standing ovation.

It’s a movie launch that just works.

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