BNZ wants you to be good with YouMoney

Last week BNZ Bank sent members of the media blue cakes in the shape of a brain, prompting us at StopPress to theorise the upcoming launch of a youth orientated product based around zombies. It seems we were half right.

Today BNZ launched YouMoney, an online banking tool aimed at a younger generation of New Zealanders who want their online banking to be pretty and intuitive. 

The main selling point for the product is an interface that utilises drag-and-drop functions and a high level of customisability, which puts a veneer on the usually painful activity of online banking. Customers can create new accounts, add payees, and transfer moneys from a single screen – which updates across the web, iOS, and Android versions. 

“Young people told us they want their personal banking to be easy and intuitive – so that’s what we’ve created,” says Andy Symons, BNZ’s director of retail.

YouMoney is similar to Kiwibank’s Heaps product, which comes with every one of its online banking accounts. Unlike YouMoney, Heaps automatically tags transactions as food, clothes, travel, etc – which is then shown to the user in the dashboard, which can be set to show spend limits and help meet goals. 

YouMoney won’t replace the default BNZ online banking interface yet, but the bank says its pilot programme shows it could be a hit with customers young and old.

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