Make token suggestion, win business boardgame

http://vimeo.com/35557619According to entrepreneur Nick Hindson, New Zealand is ranked second in the world in the number of new businesses that are started up, but “more than half don’t last the distance”. So, in an effort to teach New Zealanders—be they school children, corporate ballbreakers or budding entrepreneurs—about business sense and financial literacy in a more entertaining way, he created a board game called Market $hare, which features 64 real New Zealand businesses (brands are currently being sold space on the board). We’ve got a couple of games worth $89.99 to give away and all you have to do is offer some suggestions as to what will follow the cat as the ned publicly chosen piece on the Monopoly board. 

As it says on the game’s tin: “Use your strategy to dominate the market place over your opponents. As you build your success you will need to consider components such as strategy, risk management, budgeting, asset planning, negotiation and cash flow, just like a real entrepreneur would. The beauty of Market $hare is that you learn about financial literacy and how the business world works as you play. The strategic dimension makes every game different.” 

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