BNZ gets sugar hit

See ya Y&R, hello Sugar. BNZ has appointed Sugar as its new agency with their media partner SparkPHD.

Even though Y&R have been delivered some “great work” in the last four years, BNZ head of brand, Jo Kelly, says “we’re entering a new phase of our business and the time is right for us to work with a new agency partner.”

What could this new “phase” be? Better PR to give the company a warm, fluffy glow? BNZ is currently promoting its ‘Closed for Good’ day. On Wednesday 4 November all BNZ branches will be closed and 5,000-odd staff will help with projects in the community, such as planting trees, cleaning up schools and campaigning for charities. You can submit your community working bee on the website. Support groups have been created on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace for participants to keep up with the news. Good one.

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