Beverages, biscuits and bygone rugby days

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Who’s it for: Mountain Dew by Colenso BBDO and Satin & Lace

Why we like it: For many years, Frucor has been giving Colenso heaps of cash so it can bring cool ideas to life. Then people start talking about it, Frucor sells truckloads more of its stuff and everyone comes out happy. But gamifying a skate park by turning it into a gigantic, fully functioning pinball machine and getting its sugar-loving adrenalin junkie target market to venture out to Henderson to ride it is one of the best/most preposterous ideas it’s come up with yet. Top hole old boys. Check out the making of here.

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Who’s it for: Griffin’s by Assignment Group

Why we like it: The customer, as they say, is always right. And, in these strange times of product development, it seems companies are increasingly looking to up the engagement and get them to help choose what gets made. Fair play, they’ve got some quite good suggestions (mmmm, Toffee Pop Mallowpuff), as this new Griffin’s campaign shows. In fact, they’re so good it actually wants to hear a few more and has sent out an open invitation to get consumers to send their ideas in via the Facebook page. As the ads say, you never know what might happen (see the individual executions here).

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Who’s it for: MasterCard by McCann Sydney and Prodigy

Why we like it: It’s not a Kiwi campaign, but it focuses on the Rugby World Cup and the Samoan team’s performance during the 1991 tournament, so it’s close enough for us. In a year where all the sponsors are obviously trying to make marketing hay while the RWC sun shines, the tone and classy storytelling make this one stand out.


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