Piece of turf interrogated as part of Altum rebrand

Everyone loves a good a laugh, especially those in the rural sector. At least that’s what the creative buffs behind the new advertising campaign for the launch of Altum (previously known as Summit-Quinphos) are hoping for. As part of the rebranding and repositioning exercise, Hamilton-based agency King St has employed the use of a humorous, tongue-in-cheek campaign that likens Altum sales consultants to specialist forensics experts referred to as Farm Scene Investigators (F.S.I). And there’s a bit of swearing thrown in for good measure, even if it is muted out.

Youtube VideoThe new campaign is centered around a viral video, which will soon be followed by an extensive series of print ads, as well as a radio campaign. The good cop/bad cop video features an F.S.I. investigator putting the tough questions to a handful of turf (referred to as a “f*&$n piece of dirt”), which is placed under suspicion for nitrogen loses on the farm. Not surprisingly, the turf reveals little, taking what seems to be a vow of silence.

The focus of the new campaign, says creative director at King St, Tony Aubrey, is to “stop people in their tracks”.

“It’s quite out there for the rural sector,” he says.

According to Aubrey, the new campaign honours the new “holistic approach” of the Altum business model, which moves from the product-led model (fertiliser and animal nutrients) of Summit-Quinphos. The wider approach employs the services of field consultants, or FSI as they’re referred to in the new campaign, who get to the bottom of farm health, dishing out professional advice and nutrient management programmes tailored to the individual needs of each farm.

Summit-Quinphos employees had heard whisperings of changes in the air, but until recently, were kept in the dark about the exact changes. The rebrand was cleverly unveiled to them at a conference a couple of weeks back, where each employee was handed out a special evidence bag. When all the pieces of evidence came together, they unveiled the new name and brand positioning.

Aside from radio, print and viral efforts, the campign will also be seeping its way into upcoming event Field Days, where F.S.I inspectors will be on site doing the dirty work.


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