Griffin’s seeks biscuit inspiration, settles in for chit chat with customers

When Bluebird launched its ‘Do us a flavour’ campaign last year, in which it sought the tastebud insights of Kiwis to come up with a new chip flavour for its range, it seemed pretty obvious that this wouldn’t be the last endeavour into customer engagement territory. Enter the ‘Dear Griffin’s’ campaign, which allows you, the discerning viewing public and biscuit lover, to submit your ideal biscuit concoction. 

“If you want to tell us about your favourite bikkies or a great idea for a new one we’d love to hear from you,” says Griffin’s, adding that good ideas might end up being put into production.

The campaign is the handy work of Assignment Group, which naturally means the finer details are shrouded in secrecy. But while your brain might already be busy coming up with the ideal biscuit combo (green tea Chit Chat anyone?), Griffin’s is first off the mark, introducing its ‘Collision’ biscuit, which blends ToffeePops goodness with that of the MallowPuff and Krispie Toffee Pop. The ‘Collision’ creation is coupled with the ‘Dear Griffin’s: Zoe’ campaign in which Zoe downloads on Griffin’s her dilemma of not being able to choose between ToffeePops or MallowPuffs for dessert.

Griffin’s also recently got onboard the Facebook revolution and is using it to leverage the new campaign. Users are already submitting their biscuit wish lists on the Facebook site, with one punter suggesting macadamia toffee pops and another favouring a Kiwifruit flavoured concoction.

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