Beer, bellowing and books

A number of contenders this week, but in PC gone mad Kiwi fashion, why choose one winner when you could have three winners instead?

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Who’s it for: Tui by Saatchi & Saatchi and Flying Start

Why we like it: Kiwis pride themselves on their storytelling. And a wee bit of booze has been known to grease the wheels of conversation/exaggeration. As such, there are plenty of interesting tales in the Tui annals and, given the target audience’s love of good yarns and good times, making the most legendary of them into ads as part of its ‘Brewing Legends’ series seems like a strategy that has some legs.

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Who’s it for: Sky by DDB and Prodigy

Why we like it: The nation appears to be divided on this campaign. Some have found all the shouting particularly annoying. Others loved the humour, the idea and the production values. And others still felt it was completely unnecessary considering the free-to-air channels already offering RWC games. Well, we just like the fact the third instalment in the ‘Match Fit’ series references the elephant in the broadcasting room, streakers.

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Who’s it for: NZ Book Month promo by TVNZ

Why we like it: Simple, cutesy, endearingly amateur and engaging. It might not be quite as intricate as the NZ Book Council spot by Colenso but it does a similar job (and it’s a TVC that has actually been on TV).

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