Tickle my sycophancy: Fyfe fawned over in quest for free flights

Youtube VideoIt worked last year when TBWA\ creatives Iain Neallie and Tara McKenty somehow managed to scavenge their way to Cannes by selling fictional stocks in themselves. And the disease is obviously catching at the Auckland agency, because another fledgling creative pair are hoping to get themselves a free trip to Adfest in Thailand by buttering up the nation’s muscliest silver fox through the power of song. 

Beth O’Brien and Tom Darlow have just come off the back of six years each at university and a three month internship, and the pair say they’re a little short of pocket and long on “stories of dumpster diving, moonlight jobs and intimate moments with Baycorp Finance”. So, as part of a challenge that was set for them to find a creative way of getting to Phuket to attend the three-day conference for young creative teams (Colenso creatives Kia Heinnen and Zoe Hawkins were recently chosen by The Sweet Shop and CAANZ as the Young Lotus representatives), they’ve come up with an entertaining ode to Rob Fyfe and put it “on Air New Zealand’s conveyor belt of love” in order to catch his attention.

They’ve got eight days to win Fyfe over. But with all that’s been happening in Christchurch recently and the amazing efforts—and financial sacrifice—made by the airline in order to shift desperate New Zealanders around the country, it’s fair to say a couple of advertising creatives asking for a free trip probably isn’t too high on his agenda. Still, points for trying, and, with Air New Zealand’s penchant for quirky marketing, you never know.

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