Babich Wines says cheers to 100 years by sharing its stories

Babich Wines is celebrating its upcoming centenary by sharing 100 stories of the Babich family from the business’s long history through an integrated campaign via Goodfolk. 

As a Babich Wines release says, given New Zealand’s short history, it’s relatively rare for a Kiwi brand to reach 100 years while staying in the hands of the family the entire time.

Babich Wines’ founder, Josip Babich, produced and bottled his first wine in 1916 at 20-years-old.

So, in celebration Babich reached out to Goodfolk to create a campaign to be carried across multiple touch points, delving into the rich history of the company and exploring the small stories that would provide a point of difference for the brand and that could be told at the point of sale.

The stories are linked to specific artefacts and objects, such as founder Josip Babich’s original passport from Croatia and can be explored on a microsite through the company’s website in a gallery built by digital agency Tin Soldier.

The stories will also appear on retail displays, neck tags, bar coasters, at wine shows and in social media over the course of the 18-month campaign.

“We are throwing the doors open and sharing the most intimate and interesting parts of our history,” says Babich Wines managing director and second-generation winemaker Joe Babich. “Our family’s story is one of passion, grit and hard work, caring for the earth and the vines. And at the end of the day, creating wines that represent excellence through experience. We’re excited to celebrate that and to share our successes with wine lovers both here in New Zealand and around the world.”

New stories will be added to the website each month, a release says. The first stories were added late last month. There’s currently 26 stories on the site, but they will keep being released across the course of the campaign.

Babich Wines marketing manager Nicole Lees says: “We want to create an emotional connection with wine lovers around the globe by sharing our incredible story in an engaging and unique way. We also want to increase awareness of Babich Wines as one of New Zealand’s most experienced, family owned winemakers with distribution in 40-plus countries.”


Babich Wines

Marketing manager: Nicole Lees

Sales and marketing manager: John Lang

Photography: Simon Clark

Website build: Tin Soldier


Creative director: Mark Easterbrook

Design director: Scott Crickett

Senior designer: Natasha Vermuelen

Copywriter: Matt Hilliday

Client service director: Jason Linnell

Account manager: Rebecca Taylor

Creative services manager: Emma Thompson

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