The art of lunching

While the profligate days of very long lunches and company credit card-funded excess are seemingly—and for some, unfortunately—well behind us, there’s no doubt that many of those in the persuasive arts still engage a fair bit of corporate hospitality. Colenso BBDO’s ex-chief executive Nick Garrett, who recently took on a job at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne after five and a bit years in the role, was certainly in that category. So what better way to honour his legacy than with a visual reminder of one of his favourite haunts, SPQR in Ponsonby.  

The painting was done by the very talented Josh Lancaster, who some say moonlights as a creative at Assignment Group inbetween commissions. And as he wrote on Facebook

SPQR, 2015. 940x620mm Acrylic on Canvas.Everyone has an SPQR story – this one time I even met my wife here.This…

Posted by JOSH LANCASTER PAINTINGS on Friday, October 16, 2015

And as Garrett replied: “Josh & Colenso, thank you for the beautiful piece of art. It means the world to me and is a beautiful memory of so many special times in NZ. x”

Speaking of lunch, Mike Hutcheson has long argued that it serves an important business function, both in terms of creative inspiration and relationship building, and should be brought back. 

As he writes for Idealog: “The gestation of many great advances in human civilisation have occurred over breaking bread. One only has to reflect briefly to recall some great and memorable outcomes from people getting together over a meal. After all the Christian church was founded on a supper. Some years ago a mate of mine was creative director of a Sydney advertising agency. A pin was stuck in a map of the city on the office wall to indicate where good ideas had been conceived. Not just any idea, but ideas that got made into award winning ads. Of the hundreds of pins, only a small fraction indicated their provenance had been in the office. Over the years many ideas had been conceived in a nearby Italian restaurant, others on the freeway, some at home in the shower. Yet more were dreamed up right off the map, at 30,000ft in planes, or on beaches far away. Almost universally, the ideas came in places where there originators were relaxed; not under pressure in the office environment.” 

As if you needed any excuse, especially as we head into peak lunching season. 

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